Frozen, Specialty Convenience Items

Meel has recently introduced an extensive line of ‘ready-to-use’ frozen convenience foods. Our line is great for retail with extensive packing options and super convenient for food service. The line includes starters, soups, sauces, purees, meals and desserts. The offerings can combine fresh vegetables with protein-rich ingredients (fish, meats, chicken and natural alternatives) and healthy carbohydrates like quinoa, pasta, bulgar, rice, etc. Our range of convenience foods is largely driven by the market. Our chefs are constantly creating new and innovative recipes, which they then adapt to production on an industrial scale. New Meel products are developed in tight cooperation with the customer. The items are offered in conventional or organic variety where possible.

Frozen Speciality fish and vegetables
tortilla bowl frozen mix

We are one of the only providers of the perfectly portion-able frozen soups, sauces, purées and smoothies in the industry. Each of these offerings are made with the pello freezer. The liquid product is quickly frozen and cut into mini-portions called pellos (approximate dimension ± 1x2x4cm; +/- 7g).

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 list of our convenience items:


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